BillTravel3 Wooby World  Travel Advice Site

This site is a little preview into the life of art and travel I have experienced throughout the world. I have compiled information on my favorite artists, galleries, restaurants and towns for people of all ages and demographics.  The majority of our articles are straight to the point, but we do go into more depth in our ‘Featured Posts’.
On this website you will find unique travel destinations like my favorite restaurants in Washington, D.C., my favorite art gallery in Shanghai and the City of the Dead in Cairo.
In WoobyWorld you can find and get to know artists that make one of a kind items- not the average tourist items. I can show you where to go and where to stay away from and among other things learn how to break free from suffocating tour groups and experience any destination in fresh new air….
I have created this site to give both the solo traveler and the tour group traveler ideas of places to see and things to do.  I also will be posting travel stories from other people who would like to share their personal stories.